Volcano Slide/Climbing Volcano - Indoor Playground Attraction
Volcano Slide/Climbing Volcano - Indoor Playground Attraction



1. What is Volcano Slide?

Volcano slide or sliding volcano is a classic fun children attraction in indoor playground.  Its impressive shape of volcano and large size make it a noticable attraction.  The volcano slide can be made in 180 degrees version to be placed against a wall or a free standing structure in 360 degree version. Generally it consists of three parts: a smooth climbing surface, a platform on the top and a big stainless sllide or tube slide. 

Indoor Playground Volcano Slide

2. How to Play Volcano Slide?

Volcano slide is a challenging attraction for children. You will find grips on the volcano-shaped surface, children should climb up the 'volcano' by using the grips or ropes, and then enjoy the great fun of sliding down the slide from a high platform. 

3. Integration Options for Volcano Slide?

The volcano slide can be set as a free standing structure. also it can be integrated into the indoor playground structure. If you want to increase more fun, you can also consider to create a large ball pool at the bottom of the structure.