Projection Interactive Ball Pool - Indoor Playgrounds Attraction
Projection Interactive Ball Pool - Indoor Playgrounds Attraction



1. Briefing on Projection Interactive Ball Pool

The projection interactive ball pool, also known as 'magic ball', is a popular innovative ball-throwing game for indoor playground, especially for small children.  It consists of multi-media interative system, projection screen and a ball pool, and the interative system will include a diversity of different themed games to create fun ball throwing experience. If you are looking for an upgrade solution for traditional ball pit in your indoor playground area, the interative ball game would be a great option for you. 

Projection Interactive Ball Pool

2. How to Play Projection Interactive Ball Pool 

The interative ball game includes 30+ 2D/3D game themes. In each game theme, you will find targets appearing on the screen, and players can throw balls to hit targets. When targets hit, you will get scores accordingly. It can be set in single player mode and double play mode. 

Pick up the ocean ball → Hit interactive screen → the screen presents special effects → Scoring

Projection Interactive Ball Pool Games

3. Integration Options for Projection Interactive Ball Pool

It can be set in a freestanding structure, a specific area separated for the projection screen and ball pool. also you can include it into a indoor playground maze structure.