Slackline - Trampoline Park Foam Pit Attraction
Slackline - Trampoline Park Foam Pit Attraction



1. Briefing on Trampoline Park Slackline

The slackline is the ultimate tight rope walking test of balance. Beginners like to slide their feet to get from one end to the other, while the more experienced slackliners like to throw some tricks in there, too! The slackline in trampoline park is normally placed above the foam pit, which ensures a soft landing for players. 

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2. How to Play Trampoline Park Slackline?

Pro Tips: The trick is to put most of your weight on your front foot, take a deep breath, relax, look forward, and slide your foot out there. Don’t look down! Look forward and find a spot in front of you, perhaps the wall in front of you, or the other end of the slackline.

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