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What's The Park Manager's Daily Routine?

What's The Park Manager's Daily Routine?1. Preparation for the children's park/the trampoline park manager before opening the door every day (half an hour before opening the store)♦ Confirmation of employees, attendance and vacation, and mental status of personnel♦ Inspection of the storefront: review of inventory, inventory of new goods, display of items, cleaning of storefronts, lighting, price, equipment, change, etc.♦ Analysis of yesterday's turnover: The specific number is the method of lowering the price (to find out the reason) and looking for a higher turnover.♦ Announce the business target for the day 2, children's park / trampoline park morning work content♦ Confirmation of today's work priorities, how much is the turnover today? Which product is fully promoted today?♦ Tracking of business problems (equipment repair, lighting, product alignment, etc.)♦ Sales volume/amount comparison of recent product categories in the store♦ When is the peak of today's business? 3. Lunch lunch at noon4, children's playground / trampoline park afternoon work content♦Train and talk to employees and boost morale♦ Handling and reporting problems found♦ Survey of neighboring stores (business and how we compare)♦ Confirm the completion of turnover♦ Check the overall situation of the storefront♦Instructions for successors or agents 5, children's park / trampoline park evening work content♦ Promote products and try to accomplish the goal of the day♦ Inventory items, cash register♦ Production daily report♦ Do a good job of leaving the store (to ensure the safety of the storefront at night) The work content of the head and the person in charge of an excellent children's park / trampoline park store1. Content of on-site management of the child park / trampoline park manager♦ Content to be managed by a store manager: image, display, service, morale, ability, performance;♦ Store manager = coach; store manager should not always stand at the checkout counter, the store manager is not a cashier; the store manager should not only sell, the store manager is not a shopping guide;♦ The difference between the manager and the employee: The manager is the coach, and the manager has the responsibility to teach and guide the growth of the employee;♦ Guests do not enter the store: there is a problem with the window and the head file; the method adjusts the window and the head file;♦ Guests do not buy into the store: it is a display, there is a problem with the goods; the method is to adjust the display and goods;♦ The guest tried not to buy: Is there a problem with the shopping guide service, or is it a bad trip.♦ The store manager is at the store: observe employees, observe customers, and follow up at any time.2, children's park / trampoline park team communication♦ Employees do not listen to your guidance, opinions or suggestions because the two sides have not established trust, their hearts have not been opened, and the employees accept your suggestions. Please let the employees accept your people first.♦ More communication – understand the reasons behind – tolerance – the heart is open – the heart is closer – easy to manage – reducing management difficulty.♦ Employees leave their jobs, 80% because of the direct boss, the responsibility of the store manager.♦ Careless management, losing an employee; managing with one heart, retaining an employee.♦ If the store manager is unqualified, it means to the rest of the company that this is the standard for us to use, so we cannot tolerate unqualified store managers.♦ Store manager: If there is a mistake, it is my fault. If there is performance, it is everyone's credit. The store manager is the “day” of the employee. When you are in front of the employee, it represents the company. 3. How to hold a morning meeting in a children's park/trampoline park♦ Morning meeting principle: Review yesterday, arrange the task of the day, motivate the morale of the staff; give the method and adjust the employee status;♦ Morning Meeting Contents: Goal setting, business review, today's work schedule, learning product knowledge, and exchange sales skills.♦ Successful morning meeting: a lot of praise and encouragement, the role of the store manager is to help employees how to sell, employees encounter problems Our task is to help him solve problems, solve the problem of employees is to solve the problem of the store.♦ Morning meeting is a small daily training to improve the performance of employees and solve their problems.♦ Open the “time period follow-up meeting” after the morning meeting. The purpose is to chase business and pursue the target. Method: Give employees the method after the meeting.♦ Division of labor. Delegate different tasks (team leaders) and let each employee feel that they are important.♦ Morning meeting is to arrange tasks, give methods, and encouragement; the party is a summary of the method.

How To Do Equipment Safety Inspection in Trampoline Park?

How To Do Equipment Safety Inspection in Trampoline Park?Nowadays, the standard of living is getting higher and higher. Every parent wants to give their children a happy childhood. Therefore, both the first-tier cities and the three-fourth township children's parks and trampoline parks have been warmly welcomed by the children and parents. . Children's play equipment is very common in our daily life. In many places, even in the community door, these small amusement equipment can be seen. What are the safety problems in the children's play equipment industry?I. Equipment safety in children's paradise and trampoline parkTherefore, some work is even more important! Especially when the weather is getting cold, whether it is indoor or outdoor play equipment, indoors should first check whether the safety passages and fire exits are unblocked, whether there are flammable and explosive debris, the aging of electrical equipment lines, and short-circuit hidden dangers. If you are outdoors, check the surrounding area for fire hazards. Do not place heating equipment such as stoves and electric heaters next to the children's play equipment. Of course, you should check whether the electrified equipment line is aging or short-circuited.Second, the hidden dangers of children's parks and trampoline park facilitiesThe general park should be equipped with sufficient safety guidance personnel according to the size of the venue and the flow of people to ensure the safe operation of the park. However, there are many children's parks without special management. They belong to the “ground stall” operation. The brand is secret and the manufacturer is unknown. The safety performance is not guaranteed. Many equipments are still “second-hand goods”. In addition, the maintenance and repair of these facilities lags behind, the administrators have a weak sense of prevention, and irregular maintenance, the equipment has many potential safety hazards. Therefore, children's play equipment safety precautions must be done! There are many kinds of children's play equipment. First, we must ensure that the equipment itself is clean and tidy. There are any debris or a lot of dust inside and outside the equipment. If so, please remove it. In winter, the weather is cold. Always check whether the lubricant needs to be added or replaced. The amusement equipment containing electronic components must be checked once a week to replace the aging parts and lines to solve the safety hazard. In addition, there should be clear and eye-catching safety guidance signs and evacuation routes in the park venue.Third, the health of children's paradise and trampoline park should be in placeFor the sanitation and disinfection work of amusement facilities, there are different practices. Some have long-term non-cleaning and non-sterilisation phenomena, which are easy to cause germs to breed and cause infection of children. What should we do about this? If it is a plastic toy, it can be diluted with soapy water, disinfected laundry, bleaching powder, etc., rinsed with water, and dried or dried with a cleaning cloth. If it is a plush toy, you can choose to send it to the laundry for dry cleaning or washing. The water can be divided into layers of washing or cleaning. The layered cleaning must first find out the thread of the toy filling hole and then carefully cut it out. The electronic toy is not clean, just wipe it with a clean cloth.

Is Zip Line Safe To Play?

Is Zip Line Safe To Play?Is it safe to play with a zip line? As one of the most popular net red amusement equipments, zip line has always attracted customers as a novel project with unique irritability, but it is necessary to set strict safety operation precautions before putting into use. There are various safety problems in the use of zippers, because the zip line is generally a certain distance from the ground, so the safety of zip lines is the primary concern of tourists, both people and projects. Daily maintenance is required to extend his service life and normal operation capacity and project safety. In particular, the long-term use of amusement equipment and the long-term wear of wearing parts must be regularly maintained and inspected, so as to minimize safety hazards. The daily maintenance of zip lines is an issue that investors must first consider.The zip line project must first ensure that the employees who operate the zip line undergo strict pre-job training and develop professional safety protection capabilities. The on-the-job personnel must be proficient in the product knowledge and operational skills of the zip line and the emergency response capability. Before the safety incident, the safety instructions will be conveyed in place. After the incident, calmly choose the treatment plan. Secondly, the investor needs to post and broadcast the safety instructions to inform the tourists in detail the rules of the amusement project and related precautions, and strictly screen the players. Check, according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer, guide the tourists to seat correctly, one time at a time, fasten the seat belt, check the safety lock, specify the standard posture, maintain the play order of the sling equipment, and discourage tourists from approaching the safety fence.The high-altitude zip line is a safety check before the store operates every day, because the material of the zip line is usually made of high-strength chemical materials such as synthetic fiber rope, hemp rope or steel wire rope. This material has a certain degree of damage resistance. Therefore, before the daily use of the zip line, it is necessary to make an overall inspection. In the course of use, it is also necessary to pay attention to whether the test machine operation before the operation is normal according to the maintenance items stipulated by the strop equipment manufacturer, and it can only be operated normally after ensuring that everything is normal. Greet the guests.Because of the high usage rate of the zipper, it is necessary to make an inspection cycle to carry out routine inspections of the seat belt every six months to prevent accidents. It is necessary to ensure that there is sufficient strength to withstand the impact of the human body falling. Force and can prevent the human body from falling to a certain limit that can cause injury. Only when the safety belt of the zip line is secure, the danger can be minimized.The zip line is a challenging, stimulating and entertaining modern sports and recreational project. Visitors can slid down from the gravitational acceleration formed by falling from a height with a variety of topography. Feeling stimulating and satisfying in the happiness of danger, so any project has a little safety hazard, but as long as the prevention and warning work is done, there will be no big problems, or you can play very happily.

How To Deal With Emergency In Trampoline Park?

How to deal with emergency in trampoline park?The first type: What should I do if the trampoline park encounters an emergency accident involving a child?Step 1: The trampoline staff should check the injury in situ- Make room for the scene, so that the injured customer will stay in the field to check the injury situation. At this time, employees should appease the customer's sentiment and ask the customer about the injury. If they are younger children, they should know from their parents. Initially define the extent of the injury.Step 2: Protect the trampoline accident site- If there is a possibility of severe falls, dislocations, or limb fractures, site protection is required to stop or shut down the running trampoline equipment as needed. Patients with non-fractures can be treated on the spot for simple treatment. The injured patients should not easily move to avoid secondary injuries. The site should be treated with appeasement and treated by medical personnel.Step 3: Report the situation to the manager or owner of the trampoline park- Immediately (verbal or telephone) report the situation to the store manager or the boss, assist in the initiation of the emergency plan, and call the medical ambulance phone 120 if necessary to go to the site for help.The second type: What should I do if the trampoline park encounters a sudden accident between customers? Step 1: Set off the scene of customer disputes in the trampoline- First try to stop the two sides and separate them, and bring the two parties to a quiet place for mediation. At the same time, evacuate the onlookers, calm down the development of the situation, and ensure the normal operation and good order of the operation of the music bed. Step 2: Watch the trampoline park monitoring - If the event is escalated to require on-site forensics or requires witnesses to testify, the employee should immediately go to the background to check the monitoring process and ask the witnesses to make a summary record first.  Step 3: Trampoline Park staff call for help- The parties involved are still unable to hold up due to mediation. The staff of the trampoline museum should immediately call the police for help, actively cooperate with the police to monitor and collect evidence, witness witnesses to collect evidence, collect evidence in time and record, and assist the police in providing evidence on behalf of the third-party neutrality principle.The third type: What should I do if the trampoline park encounters a sudden emergency of customer theft?Step 1: Understand the situation of customer theft- Make a calm analysis first, and clarify the appearance, lost time, and location of the stolen property. Ask the witnesses on the spot and try to return to the original route.Step 2: Take a look at the surveillance video in the trampoline- View the monitoring, carefully observe the suspicious characters and behaviors at the scene of the incident and record them for monitoring and evidence collection and witnesses to obtain evidence.Step 3: Record customer theft and follow up- If you are looking for more than 15 minutes without results, first record the specific description of the lost property, and the customer's name and contact information, solicit customer opinions if you are willing to contact the park in a week to find it and then contact us.Step 4: Call for help- If the customer is stealing a valuable item such as a mobile phone, wallet or jewelry, ask the customer for assistance to help him call the police 110 for help. The park should actively cooperate with the police to assist in the collection of evidence.The fourth type: What should I do if the trampoline park encounters a sudden accident in which children and parents are separated? Situation 1: Children who cannot find a parent- First calm the child's emotions, ask the child's name, and observe the characteristics of the child's clothing, older childrenYou can ask your parents' mobile phone number for recording;    Secondly, the staff of the park will be broadcasted in the park to find their parents, and try to call their parents' mobile phone numbers to get in touch;    Finally, if you haven't found any results for more than 15 minutes, you should first place the child in a safe place with special care, and immediately check the surveillance to find and identify the parents, and call for help. Situation 2: Parents who cannot find children- First, appease the parents' emotions and learn from parents about the characteristics of the lost children;   Secondly, arrange for employees to find children in the park, and arrange another employee to check and monitor and find children.   Finally, if you are looking for no more than 15 minutes, ask for a parent's opinion and call for help. The parents' contact information and the child's name are recorded for the record.The fifth one: How to deal with sudden power outages in the trampoline park?Step 1: Comfort customers- Immediately appease customer sentiment, turn on the flashlight for temporary lighting, and open the bee broadcaster to notify the blackout broadcast, and guide the customer to follow the staff command to evacuate the park.Step 2: Maintain order- Maintain site order and avoid negative impacts. The checkout counter strengthens the security, and the duty manager controls each security exit to prevent customers from bringing out unchecked goods. Step 3: Consumption Compensation- According to the actual situation of the park play project, the customer can be appropriately compensated for consumption, such as some small gifts or game coins, tickets, etc., and leave the customer's phone call. After the power is restored, the customer is notified to come back to play and do word-of-mouth maintenance.Step 4: Call follow up- Know the reasons for the power outage and the time of the call to the mall/site; check the equipment and materials in the park after the power is restored. If there is any damage, report it to the superior and follow up the repair.Sixth: What should I do if I encounter a sudden emergency in the trampoline park equipment failure?Step 1: Comfort customers- First, appease the customer's sentiment and give the customer a coin based on the actual situation.Step 2: Troubleshooting- Check the cause of the equipment failure and cut off the power to the equipment.Step 3: Failure notification- Identify "equipment failure" in the eye-catching position of the damaged device to prevent the customer from being injured by touching the failed device.Step 4: Fix follow up- Inform the trampoline manufacturer/maintenance personnel for maintenance.Seventh: How to deal with sudden fire accidents in the trampoline park? Step 1: evacuation- In the event of a sudden fire in the park, employees should promptly evacuate the customer to evacuate the park in order to ensure the personal safety of the customers in the park.Step 2: Fire Control- The manager of the trampoline library acts as a temporary fire-fighting commander, arranging the staff of the park to use the nearest fire-fighting equipment to save the fire in time to control the spread of fire in the field. At the same time, call the fire alarm 119 for help, and inform the mall/site local security reinforcements.Step 3: Anti-theft and loss prevention- Do your utmost to protect the property of the cashier area, lock the Jiawan and the warehouse while ensuring your own safety, and take the key away from the fire.Step 4: Follow up on the disaster- Immediately after the fire is extinguished, personnel are required to count the loss of property in the cashier area, on-site goods, and warehouses in the park, conduct statistics and report, and arrange for repair and follow-up.

How Can A Trampoline Park To Achieve Lasting Profitability?

How Can A Trampoline Park To Achieve Lasting Profitability?How can we better manage the trampoline park for a long time? Through the hands-on experience of the pocket house, the trampoline operator has explored a tailor-made method. Thinking is the most important thing to do any business. If you want to do a good job in a trampoline park, you must use a sound management and operation system. You must have a change thinking and transposition thinking.What is change thinking? That is to find the lack of, and actively seek change.In the era of rapid development of this update iteration, how to keep up with the pace of the times, to guide or cater to the needs of customers, it is very important to have a change of thinking. It's good content, of course we can keep it, but if there is better content to make the trampoline venues do better, then you can make some changes, for example: add some new popular trampoline projects, more intimate service awareness, More efficient promotion, better management system, game planning that can drive players to interact, etc., do some market research, improve management system, make your trampoline park continue to fit players, players will be more willing to come to the venue to play . A little bit of accumulated advantages can make your trampoline park more competitive.So what is transposition thinking? It can also be seen literally that it is empathy.The trampoline park is also a kind of service category. Since it is the natural service of the service industry, it must be done well. How to do a good job in the trampoline park to attract more customers to consume is a problem we must think about. Transposition thinking can help them do better. If you are a player, what kind of trampoline park do you want to go to and what kind of experience you want to get in the trampoline park.After having the above two kinds of thinking, how to apply it to the actual operation? The following small series will be briefly introduced.Correct site selectionThe location of the trampoline park is one of the important factors determining the profitability of a trampoline park. Many people think that the location is just to find a shop, as long as my store is open enough, I am afraid that no one will come? This kind of thinking is a big mistake. The location of the trampoline park was well chosen and the store was half successful. Before choosing a venue, you must first conduct a survey of the surrounding market. Is there enough potential customers around the venue for us to develop, is it convenient to park the venue, the area of ​​the venue itself, and the height of the venue is high enough? These are all things we need to consider in the early stage. According to experience, the surrounding needs to have enough people to flow, not too remote, but also to ensure that the area of ​​the venue is large enough, the height is high enough, which determines the hard-to-find nature of the trampoline park.Environmental decorationWhat kind of environment the player likes to experience the trampoline is something that the trampoline operator needs to consider. The decoration is not only for the sake of good looks, but also for the player's favor, and the psychological resonance of the player, whether it is simple or hardcover, it must be in the color theme. There is a reasonable match plan. Also pay attention to the rendering of the lights.Opening a seating areaAccording to market feedback, there are many customers and children who come to play in the trampoline park. To know that they are going to spend, parents usually bring their children. If parents don't want to play, it is necessary to have a rest area.Increase interactionJumping in a trampoline hall is very easy and exhausting. Therefore, the trampoline park should regularly arrange event planners to interact in the venue. For children, it can also be aimed at adults. It can also be used for parent-child interaction to better promote the players in the venue. Play it.Cross-industry cooperation promotionIn the Internet age, promotion is a very important part of business activities. How to let more customers know about us and come to experience, the promotion of different industry alliances is a good way, such as customers who buy children's clothing in children's clothing stores, give free experience (or discount) to children's playground, to the trampoline Customers who consume, give away children's dining discounts, etc. "Cooperation", "sharing" and "win-win" are the main themes of a big business. The era of single-handedness has long passed.Create a professional service teamThe service industry, of course, requires a professional service team. Trampoline parks should employ some young and energetic young people to gradually build a professional service team through the competition of survival of the fittest.

Why Is The Zip Line So Popular In The Trampoline Park?

Why Is The Zip Line So Popular In The Trampoline Park?The investment for zip line and sky rider is small and effective, and it can also create a large number of employment opportunities. The zip line in the trampoline park is a short-term entertainment project that has just entered China. It was initially popular in Europe and America. As the current hot extreme sports, it's so very much loved by today's teenagers. Of course, the first thing to pay attention to is safety. You must be safe when preparing this project. Of course, as a sling, as the name suggests, the passengers are suspended under the sliding trolley, and the wire rope is used as a track to pass the gravity to quickly slide the tourists from a height to a low position. Of course, the current manufacturing process does not have to worry about safety.Of course, everyone will always bring tension and excitement to people when they participate in this activity. It is very important to be the place where the investors in the trampoline park choose to do. When you participate in this activity, you can feel that you are flying and you can relax. I think there will be some different moods after participating in the event. Of course, as an investment, it is obviously very suitable for investors with less capital. This is because the most important investment in the early stage is still the rent of the venue. Of course, as a project that is very popular among young people, it is still that as the pace of life and work continues to accelerate, young people nowadays prefer to pursue novel and exciting activities, and projects such as indoor zippers have emerged. .Of course, with the continuous development of the Chinese economy, people's living standards are constantly improving. Therefore, there are more and more requirements for entertainment projects, such as trampoline sticky walls, professional trampolines, basketball slam dunks, etc. It is for this reason that zip lines are also present in more and more trampoline parks, which not only attract a large number of customers, but also bring considerable benefits to the trampoline park. Therefore, it is very suitable for the investment in the trampoline park, especially in the south, and even called the ink printing machine in the air. It can be seen how popular such projects as ziplines are popular.

How To Attract Customers To Trampoline Park In A Fast Way?

How To Attract Customers To Trampoline Park In A Fast Way?The importance and necessity of the trampoline park for the propaganda work is self-evident, and the owner of the trampoline park has tried various methods for this. How should the trampoline park operate in order to achieve rapid drainage? What promotional strategies are more effective?1. Trampoline Park to experience marketingFree trial is the most tempting way to promote trampoline parks. Free play at the beginning of the opening or the opening day, the popularity of the hot will certainly cause a sensation, and the popularity of the park is of course full. The experience sharing of consumers after free play is also an important part of the park promotion. For example, send pictures and videos played by consumers to friends, vibrato, Weibo, etc., and forward the accumulated activities through friends, and get free places to play.2. Holiday theme activities of the trampoline parkDuring the summer holidays, winter holidays, children's day, national holidays and other major holidays, the trampoline park can hold a variety of entertainment activities. For example, special promotions or sweepstakes for specific groups are held on holidays or anniversaries to facilitate attracting popularity, increase consumer participation, enhance consumer brand identity and trust, and expand the influence of trampoline parks. The park quickly occupied the market. The rich form and content of activities are essential factors in the operation of the trampoline park. The activities have great appeal to consumers, and also help to enhance the brand's gold content in the trampoline park, so that consumers have a strong sense of brand identity.3. Brand promotion of trampoline park After the trampoline park itself reaches a certain scale, quality, image and culture, it already has intangible assets. It can also consider brand joint marketing and promotion with relevant industries to achieve a win-win and win-win effect, and the alliance products themselves should have positive The image, its image and the image of the trampoline park can complement each other, the combination of the two can play a mutual promotion role, which has the meaning of unity.4. Word of mouth marketing in trampoline parkAs the saying goes: The gold cup silver cup is not as good as the common people's reputation, so the consumer's reputation is very important. For word-of-mouth marketing, the service attitude of the trampoline park is very important. Maintaining a good service attitude, consumers are happy and happy, and good word-of-mouth is gradually spread, and the chances of successfully tapping potential customers are even greater.In short, if the trampoline park wants to raise its popularity, it will inevitably be promoted. The trampoline park is of high quality and is not well known to the outside world. It is difficult for passenger traffic to have a greater breakthrough. These publicity methods can make a reasonable publicity and promotion plan according to their actual situation and staffing. After all, it is the most effective way to promote your own propaganda.

How Much Does It Cost To Build An Indoor Trampoline Park?

How Much Does It Cost To Build An Indoor Trampoline Park? First, is it good to open trampoline park? What is the prospect of investing in a trampoline? Analysis of the prospect of the trampoline industry.1. Social Background Of Trampoline ParkWith the implementation of the national second-child policy, the annual increase in the number of births is estimated to be 6 million to 7 million. In addition to the current annual birth population of about 16 million, the annual birth population peaks at about 22 million. This is a must for the children's amusement industry. Huge business opportunities.In the past, due to the limited economic level and the deep-rooted thinking of raising children and preventing old age, the money available for children is limited. In recent years, with the rapid development of the economy and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, parents are also spending on children. Willing to spend money, the modern family model of “1+2+4” (ie, four elderly people, a couple, one child) will play an increasingly prominent role in the future Chinese market, and children’s consumption will account for total household consumption. More than 33%.Chinese baby (child) birth curve trend chart2. Trampoline Park Industry BackgroundThe trampoline originated in Europe and America and developed into a sports sport. With the success of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, He Wenna won the first gold medal for China. The trampoline began to pay attention to the domestic public. After years of development and introduction, it has been popular in Europe and America. The trampoline park began to bloom everywhere in the country, and the domestic trampoline movement gradually became popular, and the industry development momentum was fierce. The number of trampolines in the country is currently on the scale of thousands, and the trampoline project has ushered in a prime time for rapid development.3. Trampoline Park Market BackgroundAfter more than ten years of development, the traditional indoor children's paradise, which is dominated by naughty castles, has become very monotonous and ordinary. The homogenization of vicious competition has seriously affected the profitability of traditional indoor children's parks. As a new type of children's play equipment, the trampoline's cool performances, exciting bounce experience and a wide range of age groups (3-18 years old) are increasingly favored by the children's play market.4, The Benefits Of Trampoline ExerciseThe improvement of living standards has changed the children's eating habits and the habit of not loving sports. The problem of childhood obesity has become an issue that parents need to care about. Many parents tend to indulge their children and find ways to lose weight when obesity problems affect their health. As a universal popularization of sports, trampoline is still inseparable from sports characteristics. A 50-minute trampoline can consume 900 calories, which is equivalent to three hours of jogging or two hours of spinning. Therefore, long-term adherence to trampoline exercise can help promote metabolism, improve and improve fat oxidation, and alleviate obesity symptoms. It also exercises the muscle strength of the pelvic floor, abdomen and legs to improve the coordination and balance of the limbs. The trampoline activity is not only a good fitness activity, but also an amazing entertainment. The child's nature is the desire to be free and free from restraint. The trampoline movement is enough to attract children and lose fat during the process of playing.Obviously, joining the project of opening a trampoline park is a good venture investment choice.Second, how much does it cost to invest in a trampoline park? Analysis of Investment Cost Factors of Trampoline Park1. Trampoline venue rentThe site rent is determined by the actual situation of the city. The second and third tier cities are cheaper than the first tier cities; the factory remodeling is cheaper than the commercial center; the remote location is relatively cheaper.2. Trampoline decoration  The decoration is divided into two types: simple decoration and fine decoration:Simple decoration is simply a decoration of the venue, no need for ceiling, painting, cartoon or hand-painted wallpaper; no lighting design, to ensure the brightness of the museum immediately; no central air conditioning, to ensure that the museum is not too cold or too In short, simple decoration is to build a trampoline park with as little money as possible according to your own ideas.The so-called fine decoration is to improve and perfect on the basis of simple decoration, work hard in the space experience, pay attention to subjectivity, high-end, stylized, and more to meet the children's visual experience and play experience.3.Trampoline equipmentThe trampoline consists of steel frame structure, kneading surface, spring, soft bag, aisle fence, etc. The price of pure trampoline is about 500 yuan per square meter. If you join Naughty Fort, Ninja Shaoguan, children rock climbing, slam dunk, devil slide Such functions to enrich the playability of the park, according to the specific design, the overall average price is 550-800 yuan / square meter.4. Trampoline installation feeThe installation cost is paid by the customer for the travel expenses of the installer, the accommodation and accommodation costs, and the installation cost is 300 yuan per person per day.5.Trampoline Park Cashier SystemWe can provide professional paradise cashier system, the price is about 15,000 (cash register system + WeChat member platform), the pocket house store management system can not use the physical card, enter the member mobile phone number to consume, the system and the gate open, realize the time Tickets for the card (year card, monthly card, holiday card), secondary card, stored value card, and timing card are put into operation.6.Trampoline gate lockerThe gate matching cash register system carries out the data interactive check-in, the price is about 1w-2w (multi-channel optional), and the good electronic locker is 24k door 4k-6k.7. Trampoline park weak current systemWeak current equipment includes network equipment and wiring, office computers, printers, servers, broadcasting systems, monitoring systems, display screens, and a 1000-square-meter trampoline park is around 5w-8w.8. Water, electricity and internet fees in the trampolineThe peak season of water and electricity is about 5k-1.5w a month.9. Trampoline staff salaryStaffing is configured according to the configuration standard of 60 people per person, 80 people per person, and 100 people per person. The average salary of personnel is 3,500 yuan/person. The specific situation needs to be determined according to their own situation.Third, how does the trampoline park make money, what are the income models or sources of income channels, and when will the cost be recovered? Trampoline Park Investment Return RateTicketmemberBirthday partyGroup building activitiesCourse trainingThe cost recovery cycle of the trampoline park is determined by the actual investment of the size of the venue and the operation level of the venue. According to the current average customer situation of our pocket house, the cost can be recovered in about half a year to more than one year, for example, a 1000-level trampoline. The investment cost of the park is about one million. The average monthly income of the park is between 18w and 35w, and the annual income is between 200w and 360w.4. What if I don't know about trampoline park management and course training?With the vitality as a gene, the pocket house focuses on the service of high-end trampoline parks and provides professional operation services. Based on the three manuals, it provides the following operational service support to solve the problems that many trampoline park owners do not understand:Brand joining cooperationVenue planning and designVenue decorationEquipment output and installationVenue safety testing air quality testingOperational services and training