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How to Get a Customized Trampoline Park Design?

Once you find a perfect location for your trampoline park, you will begin to imagine how will your park look like? What trampoline park attractions fit into it? It’s time for you to get professional customized trampoline park design proposal for your business. Pokiddo, as a trampoline park manufacturer and franchise brand, our designers have designing assignment from clients all over the world. As we’ve got experience in building our own brand parks, our designs would not be a simple combination of trampoline park attractions. Our designers would also consider the operation needs in the layout plan. To offer a perfect trampoline park design proposal tailored for your space, the below are the steps we need to take. 1. Offer Detailed Information about Your SpaceFor a proper trampoline park design, the very first step we should take is to be completely clear about the site or space. It’s fundamental because any mistakes on the site information will lead to ineffectiveness at the design. Once we’re on the same page about all the site details, we will work out a great plan for your park. The below are what we need:1) The CAD floor plan of the space2) The photos of the interior and exterior of the site, you can stand in the middle of the site and take photos in different directions. 3) The heights of the space, including the ceiling height and the clear height. 4) Facilities in the space, like the entrance, exit, toilets, elevator, etc. 2. Share Your Ideas & Preferences for Trampoline Park DesignWe believe you’ve probably done some research or investigation about trampoline park before jumping into the business. So you’ve probably have some ideas about what your park would look like. We listed some questions for you to make you be more clear about your design plan. 1) Do you have ideas about what trampoline park games you wanna include in your park?2) Any building interior design preference? Does the park has a theme? Any color scheme? 3) Do you have any events plan? For example birthday parties, if yes we will include party room in the design.  3. Offer CAD Layout Plan for Trampoline Park DesignOnce the designers get all the required information, our work starts. Before offering three-dimensional design, we will work out the CAD layout plan for you first. The CAD layout plan would give you a clear idea about the distribution of all the trampoline park attractions and facilities. You can evaluate the plan with following tips and discuss with us to work out a better plan for your customized trampoline park. 1) Is the whole space fully utilized? How’s the capacity of your park?2) Does the layout plan include all the trampoline attractions you required?3) Imagine you’re running the park, is the layout of the games or facilities easy for operation?4) Imagine you’re player, do you think the route from one game to the next is reasonable?5) Does the layout meet local safety requirement? Like fire exit requirement, trampoline equipment safety requirement, etc. 4. Create Customized 3D Design Proposal for your trampoline parkOnce the layout is confirmed, we’ve made a big step in the design process. 3D design is like turning a sketch into a colorful painting. The designers will keep your theme requirement and preferences in their mind and try their best to create a fantastic trampoline park design for you. When you see the 3D design, you will have a very vivid idea about the looks of your future park.  5. Final Evaluation and Confirmation of Your Trampoline Park DesignHere comes the final step of creating a customized trampoline park design. We will together evaluated the design proposal, discuss every single detail, and work out a final revision plan. Once all the revisions are done, we will come to the final confirmation of the design.  A well planned customized trampoline park design is the first key step for a successful trampoline park business. Pokiddo would be your choice of trampoline park builder with no regrets. Please feel free to consult us for details. 

How to Do Trampoline Park Maintenance?

Trampoline park maintenance is to keep your park in good condition thus to provide a comfortable and safe environment for visitors. Regular maintenance will prolong the service life of your park and increase your revenue as well. In this article we share with you five tips for maintaining your trampoline park.  1. Create Checklists for your Trampoline ParkA checklist is to let your staff know the details about how to do checks in your park. There should be daily, weekly, monthly and half-year checklist for your trampoline park maintenance. Each checklist will have its checking points, daily checklist would focus on simple visual check, while half-year one will need a thorough inspection.  2. Make Daily Check as a Maintenance RoutineDaily check should be done before opening the trampoline park or after closing. It is quick visual inspection to check the general condition and cleanness. For example, check the jumping mats, which are the most important parts, to make sure there are no cracks, or any sharp objects like keys on them.  3. Regular Cleaning and Disinfection ProcessRegular cleaning is a good solution for trampoline park maintenance. Use a cloth to wipe the upper surface, if any dirty stains, you can try some mild detergent. For the passages or walkways, you can get a vacuum cleaner to remove dusts, especially in some corners. And in such a special situation, disinfection process is also important. Try your best to make your park clean and safe for players.4. Inspect the Jump MatsAs mentioned before, the jump mats are the most important for a trampoline park. Except daily visual check, you should inspect the mats carefully weekly. Check the mat surface any crack or tearing. Check the springs connected to the mats are well placed and in good tensile situation. Check the soft pads are covering the springs well. 5. Maintenance for Trampoline Park Foam PitFoam pit is a little difficult to clean. You should take all the foam cubes out of the pit. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove all the foam crumbs in the pit bottom and wipe the pit surface with a moth. For the foam cubes, we cannot clean it by water, you can put them under the sun for natural UV sterilization. Sort out the damaged cubes. As foam blocks are easily wearing parts, you can consider to buy some more for replacement.  

How to Attract More Visitors to Your Trampoline Park?

When you plan to build a trampoline park, you would expect to attract a large number of visitors to your park so that you can reach a good revenue. No matter you’ve got any previous trampoline park or indoor amusement park operation experience, the 10 tips in this article will offer you some ideas for a successful trampoline park business.  1. Build Brand Awareness for your Trampoline ParkBrand awareness means to let your target customers know the brand name of your park. Before the grand opening of your trampoline, you can do preparation for brand awareness building, below we share three ideas for you. 1) Advertising for grand openingMake sure your potential customers be informed about the grand opening of your trampoline park. For example, you can print posters and flyers, distribute in schools or residential communities, etc. Place ads in local newspapers, magazines, etc. 2) Create a good website and social media platformsWebsite and social media are very good solution for trampoline park promotion. You can share pictures and videos to attract more visitors. And you can also sell tickets on the website. 3) Plan a grand opening event. Do a detailed plan on what to do on the first day of your park. You can invite your friends, family members to attend the party. Offer some free coupons and encourage the visitors to share photos or videos on their social medias to let more people know about your park. Broaden your mind and create more ideas for attracting visitors. 2. Create a Good Impression for First VisitorsFirst impression is very important. Make sure your park is well decorated and the attractions in your park are fun. Good first impression will create great comments and let visitors share your park with friends on their own initiative.  3. Ensure Safety in Trampoline ParkSafety is always the top priority for any parks. Make sure your park equipment is in good condition by daily inspection and maintenance. Make sure you have safety/security staff in each attraction area to guide the players how play. Any dangerous movements beyond ability are not allowed. Let customers sign disclaimer agreement to make sure they know the risk of dangerous movements. For more safety tips, feel free to contact us. 4. Friendly and Well-trained StaffStaff is the key to a good service in your trampoline park. Make sure your staff are well-trained. It will make really good impression when customers receive friendly welcome in your park. Imagine when your needs are always fulfilled, what a fantastic experience it would be. 5. Seating Area for GuardiansIn most situation, the parents or guardians would rather choose to take a break to enjoy coffee or snacks while their children are having fun in trampoline park. A good rest area with wifi and good service would let your park stand out and be their top choice.  6. Offering Member CardsEncourage your customers to have member card. You member card can be 10 passes member card or whole year pass member card. As there would be discount for member card, the nearby customers would love to have it. If you sell lots of member card, your visitors flow of your park would not be bad. Pokiddo Member Card Graphic Design7. Offering Gift CouponsOffering gift coupons is a great way to encourage players to come again. You can set some rules on how to get the coupons. For example, they can get one once they share pictures on ins or facebook, etc. It’s a great advertising strategy.  8. Planning Events and PartiesGet your team to work out events plans, especially on holidays. For example, do a cosplay party on the Halloween night. Birthday parties would be a great part of park revenue. Kids love to enjoy parties with friends in a trampoline park. 9. User-Friendly Ticketing System and POS SystemYou will find ticket selling on trampoline park website, make sure it’s easy for customers to buy online. The POS system in your park is also important, it will help your customers get into the park quickly so they don’t need to wait for a long time. 10. Cooperation with Related BrandsOnce you’ve built brand awareness, you can consider to cooperate with other brands (not in the same industry but with same potential customers), for example local education brands. You can cooperate and advertise for each other. 

How to Ensure Trampoline Park Safety or Prevent Injuries?

When planning on a trampoline park project, trampoline park safety probably may be your concern. You may wonder how to ensure trampoline park safety or how to prevent injuries in trampoline park. Below we offer you top 8 tips for trampoline safety. If you can follow all the tips, your park will prevent most of potential risks. 1. Equipment Quality Certificate for Trampoline Park SafetyMake sure the trampoline park equipment you buy have valid quality certificate and related quality inspection report. When choosing a trampoline park manufacturer, check with them if they have the certificate or related test report. The equipment quality is a key element to ensure the safety of players.  2. Trampoline Park Safety Disclaimer Agreement/Risk NotificationMake sure every player who enter the venue sign the disclaimer agreement. It’s a risk notification to make sure every player be well aware of the potential risks of prohibited movements. Children or teenagers under 16 should be accompanied by guardian. The guardian should sign the disclaimer and inform their kids the details to make sure they will obey the rules.  3. Trampoline Park Safety Admission Notice BoardPut a notice board about the items NOT allowed into the park at the entrance of the play area and make it eye-catching so everyone see it. For a trampoline park or kids indoor soft play, sharp or dangerous items like knife, key, etc are prohibited in the park in case of unexpected equipment damage or any related safety risks. The China Trampoline Skills Association has released an official version in both Chinese and English. You can refer to it and increase items if needed according to your venue.  4. Display of Dangerous Actions (Video is the best)Display videos of dangerous movements in trampoline park or any other indoor amusement park. Make it eye-catching and play the videos on a loop. The Chinese Trampoline Skills Association released an official public trampoline safety introduction video, which you can download and play in the venue. 5. Warming Up for Safety in Trampoline ParkAs you know warming up prevents injuries by loosening your joints, and improving blood flow to your muscles —making your muscles less likely to rip, tear, or twist in a harmful way during your workout. So let the players do warming up before having fun immediately will prevent injuries efficiently. 6. Trampoline Park Safety Rules in Each AreaFor a trampoline park, you will have different areas like free jump zone, dodgeball zone, high performance trampoline zone, etc. Put safety rules in each area to guide players how to play safely and remind them of the dangerous movements.  7. Safety/Security staffThere should be safety staff in the play zone to make sure no player's doing any dangerous movement. Better one security staff in each area.  8. Trampoline Park Venue Safety InsuranceAll businesses, regardless of industry, face risks that should be covered by insurance. Although it’s not required by law to carry general liability insurance, operating without it is extremely risky. If your trampoline park business is sued, you may end up facing fees totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars (or more). So consult local insurance company about the details and get one.  

How To Do Equipment Safety Inspection in Trampoline Park?

Nowadays, the standard of living is getting higher and higher. All parents to give their children a happy childhood. Therefore, both the first-tier cities and the three-fourth township children's parks and trampoline parks have been warmly welcomed by the children and parents. . Children's play equipment is very common in our daily life. In many places, even in the community door, these small amusement equipment can be seen. What are the safety problems in the children's play equipment industry?1. Equipment safety in kids soft play and trampoline parkTherefore, some work is even more important! Especially when the weather is getting cold, whether it is indoor or outdoor play equipment, indoors should first check whether the safety passages and fire exits are unblocked, whether there are flammable and explosive debris, the aging of electrical equipment lines, and short-circuit hidden dangers. If you are outdoors, check the surrounding area for fire hazards. Do not place heating equipment such as stoves and electric heaters next to the children's play equipment. Of course, you should check whether the electrified equipment line is aging or short-circuited.2. The hidden dangers of children's parks and trampoline park facilitiesThe general park should be equipped with sufficient safety guidance personnel according to the size of the venue and the flow of people to ensure the safe operation of the park. However, there are many children's parks without special management. They belong to the “ground stall” operation. The brand is secret and the manufacturer is unknown. The safety performance is not guaranteed. Many equipments are still “second-hand goods”. In addition, the maintenance and repair of these facilities lags behind, the administrators have a weak sense of prevention, and irregular maintenance, the equipment has many potential safety hazards. Therefore, children's play equipment safety precautions must be done! There are many kinds of children's play equipment. First, we must ensure that the equipment itself is clean and tidy. There are any debris or a lot of dust inside and outside the equipment. If so, please remove it. In winter, the weather is cold. Always check whether the lubricant needs to be added or replaced. The amusement equipment containing electronic components must be checked once a week to replace the aging parts and lines to solve the safety hazard. In addition, there should be clear and eye-catching safety guidance signs and evacuation routes in the park venue.3.  The health of children's paradise and trampoline park should be in placeFor the sanitation and disinfection work of amusement facilities, there are different practices. Some have long-term non-cleaning and non-sterilisation phenomena, which are easy to cause germs to breed and cause infection of children. What should we do about this? If it is a plastic toy, it can be diluted with soapy water, disinfected laundry, bleaching powder, etc., rinsed with water, and dried or dried with a cleaning cloth. If it is a plush toy, you can choose to send it to the laundry for dry cleaning or washing. The water can be divided into layers of washing or cleaning. The layered cleaning must first find out the thread of the toy filling hole and then carefully cut it out. The electronic toy is not clean, just wipe it with a clean cloth.

Is Zip Line Safe To Play?

Is it safe to play with a zip line? As one of the most popular net red amusement equipments, zip line has always attracted customers as a novel project with unique irritability, but it is necessary to set strict safety operation precautions before putting into use. There are various safety problems in the use of zippers, because the zip line is generally a certain distance from the ground, so the safety of zip lines is the primary concern of tourists, both people and projects. Daily maintenance is required to extend his service life and normal operation capacity and project safety. In particular, the long-term use of amusement equipment and the long-term wear of wearing parts must be regularly maintained and inspected, so as to minimize safety hazards. The daily maintenance of zip lines is an issue that investors must first consider.The zip line project must first ensure that the employees who operate the zip line undergo strict pre-job training and develop professional safety protection capabilities. The on-the-job personnel must be proficient in the product knowledge and operational skills of the zip line and the emergency response capability. Before the safety incident, the safety instructions will be conveyed in place. After the incident, calmly choose the treatment plan. Secondly, the investor needs to post and broadcast the safety instructions to inform the tourists in detail the rules of the amusement project and related precautions, and strictly screen the players. Check, according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer, guide the tourists to seat correctly, one time at a time, fasten the seat belt, check the safety lock, specify the standard posture, maintain the play order of the sling equipment, and discourage tourists from approaching the safety fence.The high-altitude zip line is a safety check before the store operates every day, because the material of the zip line is usually made of high-strength chemical materials such as synthetic fiber rope, hemp rope or steel wire rope. This material has a certain degree of damage resistance. Therefore, before the daily use of the zip line, it is necessary to make an overall inspection. In the course of use, it is also necessary to pay attention to whether the test machine operation before the operation is normal according to the maintenance items stipulated by the strop equipment manufacturer, and it can only be operated normally after ensuring that everything is normal. Greet the guests.Because of the high usage rate of the zipper, it is necessary to make an inspection cycle to carry out routine inspections of the seat belt every six months to prevent accidents. It is necessary to ensure that there is sufficient strength to withstand the impact of the human body falling. Force and can prevent the human body from falling to a certain limit that can cause injury. Only when the safety belt of the zip line is secure, the danger can be minimized.The zip line is a challenging, stimulating and entertaining modern sports and recreational project. Visitors can slid down from the gravitational acceleration formed by falling from a height with a variety of topography. Feeling stimulating and satisfying in the happiness of danger, so any project has a little safety hazard, but as long as the prevention and warning work is done, there will be no big problems, or you can play very happily.

How To Do Marketing and Promotion for Trampoline Park?

Once your trampoline park is ready for grand opening, what you should do is to think how to do marketing and promotion for your trampoline park. Marketing and promotion is to get people know your park and encourage them to come play.  The trampoline park promotion is the key to the successful operation of your park. Below we listed four tips for trampoline park marketing for your reference. 1. Trampoline Park Promotion: Free TrialFree trial is the most tempting way to promote trampoline parks. Free play at the beginning of the opening or the opening day, the popularity of the hot will certainly cause a sensation, and the popularity of the park is of course full. The experience sharing of consumers after free play is also an important part of the park promotion. For example, send pictures and videos played by consumers to friends, vibrato, Weibo, etc., and forward the accumulated activities through friends, and get free places to play.2. Holiday Events for Trampoline Park MarketingDuring the summer holidays, winter holidays, children's day, national holidays and other major holidays, the trampoline park can hold a variety of entertainment activities. For example, special promotions or sweepstakes for specific groups are held on holidays or anniversaries to facilitate attracting popularity, increase consumer participation, enhance consumer brand identity and trust, and expand the influence of trampoline parks. The park quickly occupied the market. The rich form and content of activities are essential factors in the operation of the trampoline park. The activities have great appeal to consumers, and also help to enhance the brand's gold content in the trampoline park, so that consumers have a strong sense of brand identity.3. Brand Promotion of Trampoline ParkAfter the trampoline park itself gains some popularity,  it can also consider to consider to cooperate with other brands to achieve a win-win. For example, you can consider to cooperate with some educational center brand,  do some advertising for each other. As you've got similar target customers,  your cooperation will benefit each other. 4. Word-of-mouth Marketing for Trampoline ParkAs the saying goes: The gold cup silver cup is not as good as the common people's reputation, so the consumer's reputation is very important. For word-of-mouth marketing, the service attitude of the trampoline park is very important. Maintaining a good service attitude, consumers are happy and happy, and good word-of-mouth is gradually spread, and the chances of successfully tapping potential customers are even greater.In short, if the trampoline park wants to raise its popularity, promotion strategies are inevitable. These promotion methods can make a reasonable publicity and bring more business to your park. 

How Much Does It Cost To Build An Indoor Trampoline Park?

First, is it good to open trampoline park? What is the prospect of investing in a trampoline park? Analysis of the prospect of the trampoline park industry.1. Social Background Of Trampoline ParkWith the implementation of the national second-child policy, the annual increase in the number of births is estimated to be 6 million to 7 million. In addition to the current annual birth population of about 16 million, the annual birth population peaks at about 22 million. This is a must for the children's amusement industry. Huge business opportunities.In the past, due to the limited economic level and the deep-rooted thinking of raising children and preventing old age, the money available for children is limited. In recent years, with the rapid development of the economy and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, parents are also spending on children. Willing to spend money, the modern family model of “1+2+4” (ie, four elderly people, a couple, one child) will play an increasingly prominent role in the future Chinese market, and children’s consumption will account for total household consumption. More than 33%.2. Trampoline Park Industry BackgroundThe trampoline originated in Europe and America and developed into a sports sport. With the success of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, He Wenna won the first gold medal for China. The trampoline began to pay attention to the domestic public. After years of development and introduction, it has been popular in Europe and America. The trampoline park began to bloom everywhere in the country, and the domestic trampoline movement gradually became popular, and the industry development momentum was fierce. The number of trampolines in the country is currently on the scale of thousands, and the trampoline project has ushered in a prime time for rapid development.3. Trampoline Park Market BackgroundAfter more than ten years of development, the traditional indoor children's paradise, which is dominated by naughty castles, has become very monotonous and ordinary. The homogenization of vicious competition has seriously affected the profitability of traditional indoor children's parks. As a new type of children's play equipment, the trampoline's cool performances, exciting bounce experience and a wide range of age groups (3-18 years old) are increasingly favored by the children's play market.4. The Benefits Of Trampoline ExerciseThe improvement of living standards has changed the children's eating habits and the habit of not loving sports. The problem of childhood obesity has become an issue that parents need to care about. Many parents tend to indulge their children and find ways to lose weight when obesity problems affect their health. As a universal popularization of sports, trampoline is still inseparable from sports characteristics. A 50-minute trampoline can consume 900 calories, which is equivalent to three hours of jogging or two hours of spinning. Therefore, long-term adherence to trampoline exercise can help promote metabolism, improve and improve fat oxidation, and alleviate obesity symptoms. It also exercises the muscle strength of the pelvic floor, abdomen and legs to improve the coordination and balance of the limbs. The trampoline activity is not only a good fitness activity, but also an amazing entertainment. The child's nature is the desire to be free and free from restraint. The trampoline movement is enough to attract children and lose fat during the process of playing.Obviously, joining the project of opening a trampoline park is a good venture investment choice.Second, how much does it cost to invest in a trampoline park? Analysis of Investment Cost Factors of Trampoline Park1. Trampoline Venue RentThe site rent is determined by the actual situation of the city. The second and third tier cities are cheaper than the first tier cities; the factory remodeling is cheaper than the commercial center; the remote location is relatively cheaper.2. Trampoline Park DecorationThe decoration is divided into two types: simple decoration and fine decoration:Simple decoration is simply a decoration of the venue, no need for ceiling, painting, cartoon or hand-painted wallpaper; no lighting design, to ensure the brightness of the museum immediately; no central air conditioning, to ensure that the museum is not too cold or too In short, simple decoration is to build a trampoline park with as little money as possible according to your own ideas.The so-called fine decoration is to improve and perfect on the basis of simple decoration, work hard in the space experience, pay attention to subjectivity, high-end, stylized, and more to meet the children's visual experience and play experience.3.Trampoline Park EquipmentThe trampoline park consists of steel frame structure, spring, soft bag, aisle fence, etc. The price of pure trampoline is about 110 dollars per square meter. If you join kids soft play, Ninja course, children rock climbing, slam dunk, devil slide etc. to enrich the playability of the park, according to the specific design, the overall average price is 110-160 dollars / square meter.4. Trampoline Park Installation FeeThe installation cost is paid by the customer for the travel expenses of the installer, the accommodation and accommodation costs, and salary.5.Trampoline Park Cashier SystemWe can provide POS system, the Pokiddo store management system can not use the physical card, enter the member mobile phone number to consume, the system and the gate open, realize the time Tickets for the card (year card, monthly card, holiday card), secondary card, stored value card, and timing card are put into operation.6.Trampoline gate lockerThe gate matching cash register system carries out the data interactive check-in, the price is about 1w-2w (multi-channel optional), and the good electronic locker is 24k door 4k-6k.7. Trampoline park weak current systemWeak current equipment includes network equipment and wiring, office computers, printers, servers, broadcasting systems, monitoring systems, display screens, and a 1000-square-meter trampoline park is around 5w-8w.8. Water, electricity and internet fees in the trampolineThe peak season of water and electricity is about 5k-1.5w a month.9. Trampoline staff salaryStaffing is configured according to the configuration standard of 60 people per person, 80 people per person, and 100 people per person. The average salary of personnel is 3,500 yuan/person. The specific situation needs to be determined according to their own situation.Third, how does the trampoline park make money, what are the income models or sources of income channels, and when will the cost be recovered? Trampoline Park Investment Return RateTicketmemberBirthday partyGroup building activitiesCourse trainingThe cost recovery cycle of the trampoline park is determined by the actual investment of the size of the venue and the operation level of the venue. According to the current average customer situation of our Pokiddo, the cost can be recovered in about half a year to more than one year, for example, a 1000-level trampoline. The investment cost of the park is about one million. The average monthly income of the park is between 18w and 35w, and the annual income is between 200w and 360w.What if I don't know about trampoline park management and course training?With the vitality as a gene, Pokiddo focuses on the service of high-end trampoline parks and provides professional operation services. Based on the three manuals, it provides the following operational service support to solve the problems that many trampoline park owners do not understand:Brand joining cooperationVenue planning and designVenue decorationEquipment output and installationVenue safety testing air quality testingOperational services and training