What's The Park Manager's Daily Routine?

What's The Park Manager's Daily Routine?

What's The Park Manager's Daily Routine?

What's The Park Manager's Daily Routine?

1. Preparation for the children's park/the trampoline park manager before opening the door every day (half an hour before opening the store)
♦ Confirmation of employees, attendance and vacation, and mental status of personnel

♦ Inspection of the storefront: review of inventory, inventory of new goods, display of items, cleaning of storefronts, lighting, price, equipment, change, etc.

♦ Analysis of yesterday's turnover: The specific number is the method of lowering the price (to find out the reason) and looking for a higher turnover.

♦ Announce the business target for the day


2, children's park / trampoline park morning work content
♦ Confirmation of today's work priorities, how much is the turnover today? Which product is fully promoted today?

♦ Tracking of business problems (equipment repair, lighting, product alignment, etc.)

♦ Sales volume/amount comparison of recent product categories in the store

♦ When is the peak of today's business?


3. Lunch lunch at noon

4, children's playground / trampoline park afternoon work content
♦Train and talk to employees and boost morale

♦ Handling and reporting problems found

♦ Survey of neighboring stores (business and how we compare)

♦ Confirm the completion of turnover

♦ Check the overall situation of the storefront

♦Instructions for successors or agents


5, children's park / trampoline park evening work content
♦ Promote products and try to accomplish the goal of the day

♦ Inventory items, cash register

♦ Production daily report

♦ Do a good job of leaving the store (to ensure the safety of the storefront at night)


The work content of the head and the person in charge of an excellent children's park / trampoline park store

1. Content of on-site management of the child park / trampoline park manager
♦ Content to be managed by a store manager: image, display, service, morale, ability, performance;

♦ Store manager = coach; store manager should not always stand at the checkout counter, the store manager is not a cashier; the store manager should not only sell, the store manager is not a shopping guide;

♦ The difference between the manager and the employee: The manager is the coach, and the manager has the responsibility to teach and guide the growth of the employee;

♦ Guests do not enter the store: there is a problem with the window and the head file; the method adjusts the window and the head file;

♦ Guests do not buy into the store: it is a display, there is a problem with the goods; the method is to adjust the display and goods;

♦ The guest tried not to buy: Is there a problem with the shopping guide service, or is it a bad trip.

♦ The store manager is at the store: observe employees, observe customers, and follow up at any time.

2, children's park / trampoline park team communication
♦ Employees do not listen to your guidance, opinions or suggestions because the two sides have not established trust, their hearts have not been opened, and the employees accept your suggestions. Please let the employees accept your people first.

♦ More communication – understand the reasons behind – tolerance – the heart is open – the heart is closer – easy to manage – reducing management difficulty.

♦ Employees leave their jobs, 80% because of the direct boss, the responsibility of the store manager.

♦ Careless management, losing an employee; managing with one heart, retaining an employee.

♦ If the store manager is unqualified, it means to the rest of the company that this is the standard for us to use, so we cannot tolerate unqualified store managers.

♦ Store manager: If there is a mistake, it is my fault. If there is performance, it is everyone's credit. The store manager is the “day” of the employee. When you are in front of the employee, it represents the company.


3. How to hold a morning meeting in a children's park/trampoline park
♦ Morning meeting principle: Review yesterday, arrange the task of the day, motivate the morale of the staff; give the method and adjust the employee status;

♦ Morning Meeting Contents: Goal setting, business review, today's work schedule, learning product knowledge, and exchange sales skills.

♦ Successful morning meeting: a lot of praise and encouragement, the role of the store manager is to help employees how to sell, employees encounter problems Our task is to help him solve problems, solve the problem of employees is to solve the problem of the store.

♦ Morning meeting is a small daily training to improve the performance of employees and solve their problems.

♦ Open the “time period follow-up meeting” after the morning meeting. The purpose is to chase business and pursue the target. Method: Give employees the method after the meeting.

♦ Division of labor. Delegate different tasks (team leaders) and let each employee feel that they are important.

♦ Morning meeting is to arrange tasks, give methods, and encouragement; the party is a summary of the method.