How To Deal With Emergency In Trampoline Park?

How To Deal With Emergency In Trampoline Park?

How to deal with emergency in trampoline park?

The first type: What should I do if the trampoline park encounters an emergency accident involving a child?
Step 1: The trampoline staff should check the injury in situ
- Make room for the scene, so that the injured customer will stay in the field to check the injury situation. At this time, employees should appease the customer's sentiment and ask the customer about the injury. If they are younger children, they should know from their parents. Initially define the extent of the injury.

Step 2: Protect the trampoline accident site
- If there is a possibility of severe falls, dislocations, or limb fractures, site protection is required to stop or shut down the running trampoline equipment as needed. Patients with non-fractures can be treated on the spot for simple treatment. The injured patients should not easily move to avoid secondary injuries. The site should be treated with appeasement and treated by medical personnel.

Step 3: Report the situation to the manager or owner of the trampoline park
- Immediately (verbal or telephone) report the situation to the store manager or the boss, assist in the initiation of the emergency plan, and call the medical ambulance phone 120 if necessary to go to the site for help.

The second type: What should I do if the trampoline park encounters a sudden accident between customers?

Step 1: Set off the scene of customer disputes in the trampoline
- First try to stop the two sides and separate them, and bring the two parties to a quiet place for mediation. At the same time, evacuate the onlookers, calm down the development of the situation, and ensure the normal operation and good order of the operation of the music bed.


Step 2: Watch the trampoline park monitoring
 - If the event is escalated to require on-site forensics or requires witnesses to testify, the employee should immediately go to the background to check the monitoring process and ask the witnesses to make a summary record first.


Step 3: Trampoline Park staff call for help
- The parties involved are still unable to hold up due to mediation. The staff of the trampoline museum should immediately call the police for help, actively cooperate with the police to monitor and collect evidence, witness witnesses to collect evidence, collect evidence in time and record, and assist the police in providing evidence on behalf of the third-party neutrality principle.

The third type: What should I do if the trampoline park encounters a sudden emergency of customer theft?

Step 1: Understand the situation of customer theft
- Make a calm analysis first, and clarify the appearance, lost time, and location of the stolen property. Ask the witnesses on the spot and try to return to the original route.

Step 2: Take a look at the surveillance video in the trampoline
- View the monitoring, carefully observe the suspicious characters and behaviors at the scene of the incident and record them for monitoring and evidence collection and witnesses to obtain evidence.

Step 3: Record customer theft and follow up
- If you are looking for more than 15 minutes without results, first record the specific description of the lost property, and the customer's name and contact information, solicit customer opinions if you are willing to contact the park in a week to find it and then contact us.

Step 4: Call for help
- If the customer is stealing a valuable item such as a mobile phone, wallet or jewelry, ask the customer for assistance to help him call the police 110 for help. The park should actively cooperate with the police to assist in the collection of evidence.

The fourth type: What should I do if the trampoline park encounters a sudden accident in which children and parents are separated?

Situation 1: Children who cannot find a parent
- First calm the child's emotions, ask the child's name, and observe the characteristics of the child's clothing, older children

You can ask your parents' mobile phone number for recording;

    Secondly, the staff of the park will be broadcasted in the park to find their parents, and try to call their parents' mobile phone numbers to get in touch;

    Finally, if you haven't found any results for more than 15 minutes, you should first place the child in a safe place with special care, and immediately check the surveillance to find and identify the parents, and call for help.


Situation 2: Parents who cannot find children
- First, appease the parents' emotions and learn from parents about the characteristics of the lost children;

   Secondly, arrange for employees to find children in the park, and arrange another employee to check and monitor and find children.

   Finally, if you are looking for no more than 15 minutes, ask for a parent's opinion and call for help. The parents' contact information and the child's name are recorded for the record.

The fifth one: How to deal with sudden power outages in the trampoline park?

Step 1: Comfort customers
- Immediately appease customer sentiment, turn on the flashlight for temporary lighting, and open the bee broadcaster to notify the blackout broadcast, and guide the customer to follow the staff command to evacuate the park.

Step 2: Maintain order
- Maintain site order and avoid negative impacts. The checkout counter strengthens the security, and the duty manager controls each security exit to prevent customers from bringing out unchecked goods.

 Step 3: Consumption Compensation
- According to the actual situation of the park play project, the customer can be appropriately compensated for consumption, such as some small gifts or game coins, tickets, etc., and leave the customer's phone call. After the power is restored, the customer is notified to come back to play and do word-of-mouth maintenance.

Step 4: Call follow up
- Know the reasons for the power outage and the time of the call to the mall/site; check the equipment and materials in the park after the power is restored. If there is any damage, report it to the superior and follow up the repair.

Sixth: What should I do if I encounter a sudden emergency in the trampoline park equipment failure?
Step 1: Comfort customers
- First, appease the customer's sentiment and give the customer a coin based on the actual situation.

Step 2: Troubleshooting
- Check the cause of the equipment failure and cut off the power to the equipment.

Step 3: Failure notification
- Identify "equipment failure" in the eye-catching position of the damaged device to prevent the customer from being injured by touching the failed device.

Step 4: Fix follow up
- Inform the trampoline manufacturer/maintenance personnel for maintenance.

Seventh: How to deal with sudden fire accidents in the trampoline park?
Step 1: evacuation
- In the event of a sudden fire in the park, employees should promptly evacuate the customer to evacuate the park in order to ensure the personal safety of the customers in the park.

Step 2: Fire Control
- The manager of the trampoline library acts as a temporary fire-fighting commander, arranging the staff of the park to use the nearest fire-fighting equipment to save the fire in time to control the spread of fire in the field. At the same time, call the fire alarm 119 for help, and inform the mall/site local security reinforcements.

Step 3: Anti-theft and loss prevention
- Do your utmost to protect the property of the cashier area, lock the Jiawan and the warehouse while ensuring your own safety, and take the key away from the fire.

Step 4: Follow up on the disaster
- Immediately after the fire is extinguished, personnel are required to count the loss of property in the cashier area, on-site goods, and warehouses in the park, conduct statistics and report, and arrange for repair and follow-up.