How Can A Trampoline Park To Achieve Lasting Profitability?

How Can A Trampoline Park To Achieve Lasting Profitability?

How Can A Trampoline Park To Achieve Lasting Profitability?

How can we better manage the trampoline park for a long time? Through the hands-on experience of the pocket house, the trampoline operator has explored a tailor-made method. Thinking is the most important thing to do any business. If you want to do a good job in a trampoline park, you must use a sound management and operation system. You must have a change thinking and transposition thinking.

What is change thinking? That is to find the lack of, and actively seek change.

In the era of rapid development of this update iteration, how to keep up with the pace of the times, to guide or cater to the needs of customers, it is very important to have a change of thinking. It's good content, of course we can keep it, but if there is better content to make the trampoline venues do better, then you can make some changes, for example: add some new popular trampoline projects, more intimate service awareness, More efficient promotion, better management system, game planning that can drive players to interact, etc., do some market research, improve management system, make your trampoline park continue to fit players, players will be more willing to come to the venue to play . A little bit of accumulated advantages can make your trampoline park more competitive.

So what is transposition thinking? It can also be seen literally that it is empathy.

The trampoline park is also a kind of service category. Since it is the natural service of the service industry, it must be done well. How to do a good job in the trampoline park to attract more customers to consume is a problem we must think about. Transposition thinking can help them do better. If you are a player, what kind of trampoline park do you want to go to and what kind of experience you want to get in the trampoline park.

After having the above two kinds of thinking, how to apply it to the actual operation? The following small series will be briefly introduced.

Correct site selection

The location of the trampoline park is one of the important factors determining the profitability of a trampoline park. Many people think that the location is just to find a shop, as long as my store is open enough, I am afraid that no one will come? This kind of thinking is a big mistake. The location of the trampoline park was well chosen and the store was half successful. Before choosing a venue, you must first conduct a survey of the surrounding market. Is there enough potential customers around the venue for us to develop, is it convenient to park the venue, the area of ​​the venue itself, and the height of the venue is high enough? These are all things we need to consider in the early stage. According to experience, the surrounding needs to have enough people to flow, not too remote, but also to ensure that the area of ​​the venue is large enough, the height is high enough, which determines the hard-to-find nature of the trampoline park.

Environmental decoration

What kind of environment the player likes to experience the trampoline is something that the trampoline operator needs to consider. The decoration is not only for the sake of good looks, but also for the player's favor, and the psychological resonance of the player, whether it is simple or hardcover, it must be in the color theme. There is a reasonable match plan. Also pay attention to the rendering of the lights.

Opening a seating area

According to market feedback, there are many customers and children who come to play in the trampoline park. To know that they are going to spend, parents usually bring their children. If parents don't want to play, it is necessary to have a rest area.

Increase interaction

Jumping in a trampoline hall is very easy and exhausting. Therefore, the trampoline park should regularly arrange event planners to interact in the venue. For children, it can also be aimed at adults. It can also be used for parent-child interaction to better promote the players in the venue. Play it.

Cross-industry cooperation promotion

In the Internet age, promotion is a very important part of business activities. How to let more customers know about us and come to experience, the promotion of different industry alliances is a good way, such as customers who buy children's clothing in children's clothing stores, give free experience (or discount) to children's playground, to the trampoline Customers who consume, give away children's dining discounts, etc. "Cooperation", "sharing" and "win-win" are the main themes of a big business. The era of single-handedness has long passed.

Create a professional service team

The service industry, of course, requires a professional service team. Trampoline parks should employ some young and energetic young people to gradually build a professional service team through the competition of survival of the fittest.