Disrupting tradition, how do you play the two top indoor theme parks in the world?

Disrupting tradition, how do you play the two top indoor theme parks in the world?


This article introduces two world-class indoor park venues, Teamlab Future Park and Wonder Box, where you will enjoy unparalleled experiences

Disrupting tradition, how do you play the two top indoor theme parks in the world?
As a standard configuration for shopping center experience formats, indoor theme parks have innovated their forms and created various surprises for consumers under fierce market competition pressure. This article introduces two top indoor theme parks in the world that subvert tradition.

01 Wonderbox in Incheon, South Korea


Wonderbox is an indoor theme park with the concept of a "night amusement park", with a building area of 3933 square meters.

There are entertainment facilities such as bumper cars, carousels, magical bicycles, and giant slides. In addition, customized multimedia content based amusement facilities add a touch of magic and mystery.

The well-known Canadian digital art group Moment Factory, which serves as the multimedia production team for Fantasy Castle, uses colorful large media walls and interactive installations to present visitors with an imaginative fairy tale world.

On the large media wall, a series of vivid and interesting stories provide visitors with unique and exciting performances.

From a magical forest full of mythical creatures to a world of marshmallows made of desserts and chocolate, from a mysterious music city to an imaginative universe Take tourists into a new world full of surprises and charm.

Integrated with advanced video projection mapping system, thousands of dynamically controlled lighting fixtures, state-of-the-art sound system and interactive installation, carefully planned game interactive elements.

The Moment Factory provides visitors with an incredibly immersive experience.

02Teamlab Future Park



Being named one of the "Top 10 Must See Exhibitions in the World" for two consecutive years, from Paris, London, Los Angeles, Tokyo, to our country... 5 million people around the world are willing to queue for 8 hours to clock in, and a ticket is hard to come by!

The indoor fairy tale world, wild and imaginative, satisfies all your imaginations. Children who have played with it all shout to come back, and adults find their childlike innocence again~

Are you ready to enter this fairy tale world now?

Teamlab Future Park offers visitors the opportunity to experience a slice of life in nature. Visitors can slice fruits that bloom like fireworks, experiencing the natural growth and aging processes of plants. At Lightball Orchestra interactive station, visitors can interact with glowing balls to produce melodies and change colors in rhythm to the music.

In Stories of Ancient Gods, visitors enter a mysterious ancient world full of hieroglyphs hidden in starry skies, and touching them reveals their meaning. Visitors can also engage with an interactive Graffiti installation. They can create images of mischievous blue whales, romantic flower seas, and dancing butterflies to add vibrant colors and artistry to the exhibit.

The jumping house at Teamlab Future Park brings back childhood memories, and the installation itself is even cooler. Visitors can create exclusive paths and generate various shapes and colors that appear as light and shadow paths. Adults can embrace their inner child, jumping and playing while the tinkling of nature's sounds accompanies them.

Teamlab Future Park is an immersive experience that invites visitors of all ages to unleash their imaginations and creativity to interact with nature.

At TeamLab Future Amusement Park, visitors can participate in interactive installations such as the "Dwelling Table for Little People". The colorful little elves on the table are mischievous and strange, and tourists can reach out to become friends with them.

In the painted town, children can achieve their magical kingdom dreams by transforming into urban designers. They can fill in their favorite colors on various drawings of cars and unidentified flying objects, and these drawings will become animations and appear on the screen.

TeamLab Future Amusement Park invites visitors of all ages to unleash their imagination and creativity, participate in immersive and interactive installations, and inspire appreciation for nature and art.