Management Skills for Trampoline Park

Management Skills for Trampoline Park


Amusement equipment and trampoline parks have become increasingly popular in recent years. However, opening and operating a trampoline park requires different techniques compared to traditional children's play areas. Essential management aspects include promotional activities, membership cards and recharge cards, workforce training and management, and event planning. These efforts can attract more customers, ensure higher customer satisfaction, and enhance the trampoline park's brand image.

Management Skills for Trampoline Park

Nowadays, the trampoline park is becoming increasingly popular, with a customer base different from that of the traditional children's play area, attracting not just kids, but young and middle-aged adults as well. Therefore, the management skills of a trampoline park are different from those of a regular children's playground.

1. Promotion is significant for trampoline parks' launch.
Trampoline parks should advertise before opening, establish their presence in the area, accumulate popularity, and attract customers. It is possible to give away free trial vouchers to let customers try the trampoline park for free and let prospective customers around know that there is a trampoline park in town. During the trial operation period, it's essential to organize exciting interactive activities, such as parent-child games (balloon games, leg-binding race, games that involve carrying items, etc.), to create a lively and happy environment and leave a good impression on parents.

Additionally, during the trial operation period, trampoline park owners can give away small gifts related to the trampoline park brand. Offering small gifts not only makes customers feel closer to the park, but it can also be used to advertise the trampoline park, attracting parents to bring their children to experience it in the future.

2. Membership and recharge cards service
Trampoline park investors can appoint experienced sales personnel to introduce customers to the benefits of applying for membership and recharge cards. During the trial operation period, discounts on recharge and membership cards should also be provided to attract more customers. During the process of registering for recharge and membership cards, it's necessary to register customer information and provide special offers on their birthdays.
Incentivize customers more by offering different levels of membership benefits and personalized designs, which can attract more customers. Creating a WeChat group to distribute preferential promotions and small gifts to members not only impresses customers, but it also incentivizes them to be loyal to the park. It's important to promote the various consumption packages designed for different age groups to enable customers to enjoy more options.


3. Staff training and management
To increase workforce efficiency, trampoline park owners should train staff, cultivate a sense of responsibility, and only hire employees that possess in-depth professional trampoline knowledge and related skills. Through staff training, add a layer of professionalism to the customer experience, provide professional guidance and protection for customers while trampolining, and enable employees to handle emergency situations calmly. Staff members need to uphold etiquette and provide patient service, bringing a positive vibe to the customer experience. Staff management helps maintain the safety of the park and the liveliness of the park atmosphere, enhancing the brand's image in the minds of customers.

4. Event planning
Trampoline parks can regularly host special events, particularly on public holidays, to promote a fun and vibrant atmosphere. Event forms should be varied to cater to all age groups, enhancing the customer experience and deepening the customers’ impression of the park. During the events, relevant trampoline knowledge and skills can be taught. Trampoline competitions and various activities can be arranged to increase customer loyalty and popularity.

In conclusion, for a trampoline park starting up, it is crucial to pay attention to details. The more carefully planned before opening, the greater the rewards can be post-launch. We believe every investor will attach great importance to this issue.

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