Wenzhou 1600sqm Indoor Amusement Park in Shopping Mall

Wenzhou 1600sqm Indoor Amusement Park in Shopping Mall


The sports center include games like trampoline, 360 bike, interactive basketball, interactive football, zipline, etc.

Wenzhou 1600sqm Indoor Amusement Park in Shopping Mall

AP 1600sqm2 Indoor Amusement Park

1. Briefing on AP Sports Center

AP Sports Center is a indoor amusment park in a shopping mall in Wenzhou jointly built by Pokiddo and Miaomiaole. Pokiddo, as a professional indoor amusement park builder, was fully involved in the layout plan, design, equipment production, installation of the park. 


AP Sports Center is located in Wenzhou Wuyue Plaza, which integrates seven main formats of fashion shopping, giant screen cinema, global dining, leisure and entertainment, competitive video games, retail department stores, and large-scale supermarkets. It’s a combination of eating, drinking, playing, Fun, travel, and shopping, creating an immersive experience-based commercial complex. 

Indoor Amusement Park installation

2. From Design to Finished Installation

As you can see from the above final design proposal, the shape of the space is irregular and there're many pillars in it. Indeed it's not an ideal venue option for building indoor amusement park, but our design team did offer an ideal proposal of all the popular park games combined and the space fully utilized. Our team have built hundreds of parks worldwide and have gained quite a experience on dealing with all types of venue. 

As AP sports center is set in a commercial plaze, the park design should not focus only on the park equipment, but also consider the interior decoration. The decoration design will directly affect customers overall impression on the venue.  As the target customers of AP park are young peope and children, we would consider the decoration style to be young with bright colors and novel decoration elements. After the grand opening, we did receive terrific comments from young people about the overal design and game play experience. 

For the installation, it can be divided into two parts, one park equipment, second decoration. During our equipment production, we've started the venue interior decoration. and when the equipment were ready, the decoration was almost finished and our installation team could quickly start their work and finish it in time. 

3. Games in AP Sports Center

Pokiddo is the whole indoor amusement park builder through the whole project from design proposal to finished installation. The sports center include games like trampoline, 360 bike, interactive basketball, interactive football, zipline, etc.

Below we will offer brief introduction of  the games in AP amusment park and hope they would offer you ideas on planning on your own indoor amusement park. 

Indoor Amusement Park trampoline zone

Free jump zone is the basic zone in a trampoline park, where customers/players can jump freely.  The jumping is easy, fun and suitable for all ages. If you're a sports lover, you can try to learn some jumping tricks, trust me you will be the focus on the mat. If you're doing a indoor soft play park, indoor trampoline park, or any indoor park for kids or young adults, do consider to include trampoline free jump zone. 

Spider wall is a hilarious game combined on trampoline zone. Players will wear a special suit, try to jump onto the wall and then get stuck onto the wall. It's quite funny and will probably crack players up. 

Indoor Amusement Park new game

360 bike is a new fun game suitable for indoor amusement park. You can consider set it at the entrance of the park as a way of attracting attention. Player sit onto the bike, get himself/herself fastened up and then ride the bike in circles. 

Indoor Amusement Park tubby slide

Crazy slide should be more attractive to kids, who will do the sliding again and again. Due to the steep slope, it would be more exciting than traditional types.  Tubby slide or donut slide, will require players sit on a tubby and slide down the slope. If the end of the tubby slide is curved up, it would be very exciting with player flying into the air and drop down onto inflatable base. 

Indoor Amusement Park interactive basketball

Indoor Amusement Park interactive football

Interactive basketball and football are turning the traditional sports into interactive types. You will find different scores on the equipment, within a limited time players should try their best to get the highest scores. They will have great fun in competing with friends. 

Indoor Amusement Park trampoline basketball

The slam dunk or basketball on trampoline is also a basic game. You can consider to set different heights so people of different ages can enjoy the fun of slam dunk on trampoline. 

Indoor Amusement Park professional trampoline

Professional trampoline is the game suitable for sports lovers or players who can do some difficult tricks, like back flip, forward flip, etc. If your park is mainly for children, you can consider to put one profesional mat. but if it's for teenagers or young people, and most of them are sports lover, you can consider to put more mats. 

Indoor Amusement Park zipline

Zipline is for players flying in the air like tarzan. There would be airbag or foam pit below to protect the players' safety.