Pokiddo EQreative Zone Flagship Store - China

Time: 2019-06-15
Summary: Pokiddo EQreative Zone Flagship Store Opened in Suqian City

Pokiddo EQreative Zone Flagship Store - SUQIAN city, China



The first large trampoline park in North Jiangsu province with macarons color scheme, total venue area is over 3000sqm.


This park includes the following attractions.

Trampoline Park Attractions

Free Jump Court

Air Bag

Ninja Course

Spider Tower

Velcro Wall

Trampoline Basketball

High Performance Trampoline with Running Wall

Super Slide

Donut Slide with Air Bag

Indoor Playground

Zip Line


Park Info

Open Since: May 2019


Address 沭阳县珠江北路1号豪园东门斜对面

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday  9:30 AM-21:00 pm

Weekends 8:30 AM-21:00 pm

Standard Pricing




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