What You Should Know Before Opening A Trampoline Park?

What You Should Know Before Opening A Trampoline Park?


However, before investing, many investors have doubts: I have not done the industry in the trampoline park before, and I have no experience in this area.

What You Should Know Before Opening A Trampoline Park?
As a new favorite of the investment market, Trampoline Park has attracted the attention of many investors. However, before investing, many investors may wonder, I have not done the industry in the trampoline park before, and I have no experience in this area. It is a cross-industry investment, what methods can guarantee our profit to a greater extent?

1). The correct location of the trampoline park

 1. A comprehensive shopping mall that allows consumers to spend a whole day eating, drinking and playing in the mall.

 2. The popularity of large-scale stores is generally stable. The difference between people's traffic and peacetime on weekends and holidays is not too great, and the coverage of consumer groups is also relatively wide.

 3. Large-scale residential areas, because of the large population flow, it is easier to apply for membership cards, so sales will not be ups and downs, and the funds of the stores will be quickly returned.

 4. If the trampoline park can be concentrated in a certain location or block where similar shops gather, it will be more attractive to consumers.

2). Decoration of the trampoline park

The decoration of the trampoline park is very important. We can integrate our own characteristics in the decoration, and it is unique. This will attract more customers to spend, and the increase in passenger traffic will naturally drive the store's turnover. The distinctive trampoline park has a strong appeal and impact, and a reasonable regional design can stimulate the imagination of consumers.

1. Reasonable positioning of the trampoline park model to create local characteristics

At the beginning of the investment in equipment in the trampoline park, the general franchisees have a position in their hearts: is it a child, adolescent and adult or a comprehensive type? After locating the business model of the park, the decoration design can be based on the actual situation around the venue, combined with local culture, customs, consumer groups and market inertia to make a local decoration plan, combined with these considerations, can reflect itself The business philosophy attracts the attention of consumers and conforms to the local market culture, creating a trampoline park with local characteristics, which makes the trampoline park more sense of belonging.

2. Reasonable color matching makes the trampoline park look more comfortable and healthier

 Trampoline Park is best to choose the direction of color, space and light, and it is easy, pleasant and bright. The first time to attract the attention of consumers, and the bright and bright colors are filled with hope and vitality, so that the park looks full of energy.

3). The choice of trampoline park equipment

The trampoline park equipment seems dazzling, but there are still rules to follow when choosing. Under normal circumstances, pay attention to the age group suitable for trampoline park equipment, and choose the trampoline park equipment.

4). Development of holiday promotion activities in Trampoline Park

As the operator of the trampoline park, it should be understood that, like other industries, mastering seasonal promotions, flagship membership cards, and major customers as the focus of promotion is a very important task. The holiday target market is concentrated, targeted, and the transfer efficiency is high. In the early stage of the holiday, the promotion of marketing and promotion of activities and other concentrated marketing bombings will have a multiplier effect.

1. The promotion of the trampoline park in the early stage should be clear

Instead of attracting a large number of temporary customers with low prices, it is better to attract consumers who may become long-lasting customers. In the early publicity of the event, the operators of the trampoline park should think about which type of consumers are mainly targeted at this event. After identifying the target, they can effectively promote the promotion before the holiday promotion. To attract more new customers, you can choose some special projects in the trampoline park to offer discounts, fun competitions, group building activities, etc., so that new customers will be unforgettable and eventually transformed into old customers; in the maintenance of old customers, you can choose Special items that are only open to members, and inform members of customers through telephone, SMS, WeChat, etc., to highlight the importance that the trampoline park attaches to old customers.

2. Trampoline park should be summarized and analyzed from the activities

Although the activities of the holidays are quite a lot in the year, any promotion can only play a role in attracting traffic in the short term. If the trampoline park wants customers to spend in their own park for a long time, it is necessary to summarize and analyze. How satisfied the customer is with the event, what else needs to be adjusted, and so on. Analyze and understand the advantages and disadvantages of the activity process, you can prepare before the next activity, so that you can achieve strengths and avoid weaknesses, so that the next activity can directly hit the customer's heart, so that consumers will be the first to think about travel and daily entertainment in the future holidays. It is our trampoline park.

5). Routine maintenance of trampoline park equipment

 Whether the equipment of the trampoline park is in normal operation directly affects the personal safety of the consumers, and directly affects the normal operation of the trampoline park. Providing consumers with a safe and secure play environment, the daily maintenance of trampoline park equipment is very important.